Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China officially reported that the number of COVID-19 cases is not high, however recently, pandemic measures exposed on the internet are unbelievably strict and beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

The Henan provincial government announced on October 21 that, on the October 20, there were 9 confirmed symptomatic cases in the province, all concentrated in Zhengzhou, and 12 asymptomatic cases. As of midnight on October 20, the province had 116 hospitalized cases and 364 asymptomatic cases still under medical observation.

According to Sohu, the Zhengzhou pandemic department announced on October 21 that in order to get control of the outbreak, nucleic acid testing will continue from October 21 to 23. Those who do not have qualified test results will not have the health code message pop-up on their phones so they will not be able to go out.

A Zhengzhou resident by the name of Yan, told Sound of Hope on the October 20 that Zhengzhou is now locked down, shopping malls and restaurants are closed, buses and taxis are suspended. “The whole of Zhengzhou is now a controlled area, and it’s locked down. They said all residents should quarantine at home.”

Zhihu reported, according to the information in a WeChat group, the Zhengzhou government announced that from 8 p.m. on October 19, citizens are not allowed to step outside of their houses, and they must return home immediately after completing the PCR test. No residence is allowed to let people out. All security guards stay at work and officers stay in their cars and medical staff stay at the hospital. No one is allowed to go home for three consecutive days. In addition, hospitals are not allowed to receive patients unless there is a danger to life.

A Zhengzhou resident posted that the current pandemic in Zhengzhou may be out of control, and people are often sent to quarantine at midnight. Many exhibition centers are used as quarantine points. This netizen also posted a video showing a large exhibition hall divided into many small compartments with partitions and each with two beds. The photographer here said that people had to share the bathroom, and the toilet was unspeakably dirty.

Another video shows that to prevent people from climbing the wall to go out, the management has attached a sharp metal fence to the top of the wall. What’s even more surprising is that there are quarantine rooms covered in plastic, the space is so narrow that people can only stand or squat, there’s not even a stable place to sit.

Some netizens angrily said that the government locked people in cages in the name of pandemic prevention, treating them not even like animals.

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