Recently, tens of thousands of workers at Foxconn in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province defied lockdown and left Foxconn facilities. This incident made front page headlines of many popular media outlets. Later, the Zhengzhou government and the Foxconn sent several vehicles to help employees return home. However, just a day later, authorities revoked the order, strictly forbade employees to return home, and required them to quarantine where they were.

A video shows special police officers stationed at Foxconn to maintain order.

A Zhengzhou resident by the name of Zhang, told Sound of Hope (first recording), “I think the armed police will take over the factory. Their control is very strict. Foxconn workers wanted to break the quarantine area so the government sent them. I heard gunfire. … It must be a submachine gun, or an automatic rifle.”

However, while Zhengzhou stepped up the lockdown, the government faked a “vibrant” life under the pandemic.

According to NetEase, Zhengzhou city announced that from 6:00 a.m. on November 1, the initial lockdown area will be lifted, and restrictions will be adjusted to restore production and normal living conditions in an orderly manner. The notice stated that, except for the temporary restricted areas in Erqi District, Zhongyuan District and the high-tech zone, the lockdown will not be lifted for the time being. Other areas in Zhengzhou (excluding areas and units at risk) are not locked down.

According to information on the internet, the Foxconn Zhengzhou incident has alarmed higher levels. In response to the inspections and interviews of the Central Television (CCTV), Zhengzhou has begun to open a fake lockdown.

Someone in a WeChat group in Zhengzhou conveyed an order requiring all stores in a mall to open at 1:30 pm and general stores to open at 2 pm. The announcer also mocked himself, saying, “I guess a big leader is coming” and “a group performance will be on stage.”

Zhengzhou Hi-Tech Park, Zhongyuan District, and Erqi District in Zhengzhou City also issued a notice to each clerk in residential areas to “educate security guards” to prevent them from “talking nonsense”.

A video shows leaders preparing to inspect a scene, and couriers also checking packages.

However, as soon as the leaders left, the “performance group” in the supermarket was immediately kicked out, and they couldn’t pay for and take the food they had picked up.

Another video also shows a man in a residential area in Zhengzhou, mentally ill due to lockdown and control, stabbing someone with a knife.

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