The once flooded-city Zhengzhou now shares the fate of Shanghai and Beijing with a hard-locked Zero-Covid policy.

As of May 9, 13 million Zhengzhou is under constant PCR Covid tests. According to China’s state-run media CGTN, residents have to take COVID test once per day.

Footage shows Zhengzhou residents heading to quarantine camps. Chaos appear as people are hurried to hoard food supplies. Businesses are forced to close.

In another video, authorities have put up iron fences to block residentials communities.

French media Lemonde reported that Zhengzhou people will be confined at home until at least May 11. During this period, schools and public agencies are closed. People are required to work from home.

As of May 5, the city reported over 70 infected cases.

The Zhengzhou has just recovered from the tragedy last year. According to the Guardian report, the July 20 record-breaking rainstorms hit Henan province. They flooded the city’s subway and cross-tunnels filled with cars and people inside, taking 302 lives and numbers missing.

After weeks of hard work in the hope of recovery, the epidemic broke out unexpectedly a month after the accident. Again, the city was put under closure.

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