Recently, relatives of employees who work for Foxconn company in Zhengzhou city have circulated information that in the Henan province’s capital, the Covid-19 pandemic has re-emerged strongly.

According to NTDT’s report on October 25, the information also said that about 20000 infected cases positive for Covid were detected, but authorities have hidden the truth.

On October 24, employees working at the top of the Foxconn assembly line in Zhengzhou said they had been asked to stay in the dormitory the night before.

However, after 12 hours, still, no one came to perform the nucleic acid test, no one brought food, and no one showed up to tell them to go home or to continue to stay.

Zhou, a Foxcom employee who was released from quarantine, revealed that in the isolation camp, he had nothing to eat and was very hungry.

On October 22, workers at Foxconn clashed with pandemic prevention staff (Dabai). The following day, workers were starving and asked the Dabai to give them a permit to go out for food, but the request was denied. The two sides clashed again.
Recently, a female employee who has worked at Foxconn in Zhengzhou for 10 years said that she was isolated in the dormitory and had a high fever of 39 degrees, but no one came to administer treatment.

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