Song Jiahong, a Shanghai citizen, has repeatedly criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s anti-epidemic policies, which have been condemned as extreme. 

According to Apollo News, Song was summoned three times by the police for his opinion. CCP’s security force wants to pressure Summon to censor himself before the Zero-COVID policy based on lockdown.

Unlike the rest of the world, since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the CCP has not changed its anti-pandemic policy. Firstly, massive nucleic acid testing is applied. Next, if a positive COVID case is detected, authorities immediately send people to quarantine in isolation facilities or implement lockdowns in residential areas. 

Song said that Shanghai has set up 1,311 mobile nucleic acid testing stations. Almost every day, people are waiting in line to get tested. People have suffered greatly under the CCP’s anti-COVID.

Song Jiahong said that the way to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in China is increasingly similar to the Cultural Revolution. He said he had been through the Cultural Revolution and noticed this connection.

The CCP carried out the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976 to destroy all 500-year-old traditional cultures that believed in God and then forced the people to believe in the communist atheist doctrine.

In addition, the Cultural Revolution also aimed to eliminate those who the CCP considered would not believe in them as intellectuals or petty bourgeois.

During the Cultural Revolution, the CCP used the Red Guards as effective henchmen to force people to follow its policies.

When implementing the zero-COVID policy, CCP used a large number of employees in white clothing, commonly known as “Big White” or Dabai, to make people comply with its anti-pandemic policies.

Song said that all anti-pandemic employees in China want to expand the Zero-COVID policy because, on the one hand, they can make merit with the CCP. On the other hand, they can request anti-pandemic allowances from their superiors.

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