The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s “zero-COVID” policy, based on lockdown, caused many airline flights to be canceled. Thus the airlines continuously lost money. 

According to NTD, in the first half of this year, eight Chinese airlines lost nearly $10 billion (70 billion yuan) or almost $54 million (380 million yuan) per day.

Screenshots posted by netizens show that, at the same time, 218 flights were canceled at Nanjing Lukou Airport, 381 at Shanghai Pudong Airport, 145 at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, 108 at Fuzhou Changle, and 41 at Changzhou Benniu Airport.

Applying the “zero-COVID” policy’s lockdown to combat the COVID pandemic, authorities, on September 21, canceled almost 60% of flights across China.

Last week, the number of flights operated by China’s civil aviation was nearly 40,000, down about 46% since last year. However, they were down almost 60% compared to the same period of 2019, before the COVID outbreak began. As a result, the flight performance in the week was only 36%.

In the previous two weeks, flight fulfillment rates were only 31% and 40%, as more than 60% of flights were canceled.

From March to April this year, big cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai were locked down under the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy. 

In April, flight numbers were down by about 78%, and passenger numbers fell by 85% to their lowest level compared to 2019. 

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