A Chinese truck driver couldn’t believe he was penalized for not wearing a mask in the most unexpected situation.

As the story unfolds in a now-censored Weibo post, on November 1, the driver went to a factory in Ningxia to deliver goods. It is an autonomous region in northwestern China. As he waited for the items to get unloaded, he ate instant noodles alone in his truck.

For such action, the factory fined him $274 for failing to put a mask on. So he called the operator to argue about the unreasonable penalty. Here’s how the company responded.

The person on the phone said the fines followed the company’s policy. The voice explained that masks are compulsory in the area where the driver ate his instant noodles. The person added that even though the man was there to deliver goods, he could only have a meal elsewhere outside the facility.

The conversation ended with the driver leaving in despair, thinking about the hefty fines suddenly slammed on him. 

Before censors wiped the post from the mainland internet, it sparked heated outrage on Weibo. Few approved of the factory’s decision. 

For example, in this screenshot, a person queried if the factory had the authority to impose such a fine. Another noted that the plant is not a law enforcement department. Therefore, it does not have the right to impose the measure.

The video has been reuploaded to YouTube. Unfortunately, our channel has been unable to verify the incident.

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