Sound of Hope on October 7 reported that according to mainland Chinese media reports, on the 6th, Haikou City, Hainan Province, would implement “temporary global static management,” and all communities will be closed and managed.

AP on October 6 also reported that the large Xinjiang region in western China had suffered with sweeping COVID-19 travel restrictions as the government tightens control measures across the nation ahead of a crucial Communist Party meeting later this month.

According to the outlet, the infection cases in Xinjiang are entirely disproportionate to the Xinjiang authorities’ fanciful prevention and control measures.

The National Health Commission reported on Thursday, October 6, that there are 97 cases in Xinjiang, all of which were asymptomatic.

CNN reported that Urumqi Airport canceled 97% of outbound flights and 95% of inbound flights on the 5th. 

Sound of hope said that in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, another minority area, from the 2nd, all communities have also implemented closed management. 

Ms. Wang from Hohhot told Voice of Hope on the 6th that she

had done nucleic acid tests for six days in the past two days. 

Traveling places are not allowed, and public areas are not allowed to open, but some supermarkets are still supplying people’s daily necessities. 

According to Chinese mainland media outlets, the Shenqiu County authorities issued an announcement on October 3 saying it would reward those responsible people who report and implement temporary control measures. 

The reward is $28 up to $70 per person.

Some people also asked, “Want to know where the money comes from” and “what is the meaning”?

A pharmacy clerk in Shenqiu County told Voice of Hope that there are no rewards. We don’t know. They require us to report yellow or red codes. 

She added that the authorities would punish us if we didn’t report. 

The local government later deleted the announcement.

Jonathan Liu, a professor of Chinese medicine at a Canadian public college, said that starvation, disease, or even death of ordinary people doesn’t matter to the regime. 

What matters is that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held, and the pandemic cannot spread to Beijing.

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