Widespread protests broke out in 15 major cities across China. Many media have kept watching closely and reporting news related to this turbulence.

Among them, the Guardian said on December 1 that it is “inspiring and encouraging” to see youngsters in China standing up and fighting back against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) censorship and autocracy.

As the Chinese national anthem goes: “Stand up, people who don’t want to live like slaves! We will build a new Great Wall with our blood and flesh.”

In demonstrations, protestors sing this song to remind themselves of the sacrifice of Chinese ancestors who protected and rebuilt the nation. With that kind of bravery and spirit, Chinese youngsters now go down the streets, engaging in unprecedented large-scale protests and expressing their frustration with the CCP.

Protests calling for democracy and freedom have spread to 50 universities, including Tsinghua University in Beijing. Students from this university are considered role models for every Chinese person. Moreover, achieving qualifications from it brings substantial career prospects.

The video shows a female student at Tsinghua University delivering a powerful speech with a trembling voice: “If we didn’t speak up due to the fear of being smeared (by the CCP), I think our people will be disappointed at me. I, as a student of Tsinghua University, will feel the regret and shame for the rest of my life.”

She is not the only one who decided to speak out.The Guardian comments that anti-government protestors are risking much. They should be seen as people with “agency and courage.” Therefore, “they deserve our admiration—and support.”

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