The funeral industry is becoming a popular area of work in China, with many bachelors choosing to study this unusual career. Recently, a girl showed her job as a grave keeper on the internet, arousing the envy of many netizens.

Pear, a girl from Chongqing with a degree in technology and modern funeral management, shared videos of her internship at a cemetery. 

According to the student, this company is an ideal workplace. The scenery is beautiful, and the office, dormitory, and canteen are usually quiet. In addition, the employees get along well with their bosses.

The girl told the reporter that she is extremely satisfied with her current job and revealed that the company has no staff shortage.

The video has caused controversy and different views. On the one hand, many said they were envious and wanted to work there. The job has many advantages, such as fresh air, reasonable salary, no need to face customers, and there are few disputes.

On the other hand, some people advise that one needs a strong heart to do this work and discourage those afraid of ghosts.

According to the CEIC, the youth unemployment rate of Chinese between the ages of 16 and 24 remains high, nearly 18% in September 2022 compared to an all-time high of 20 % in July.

The scarcity of jobs has increased competition. A number of PhDs and masters who graduated from prestigious schools poured into jobs that did not require high expertise, such as primary and secondary teachers, health care workers, and even got a position as convenience store managers…

Some netizens said that It’s hard to find a job and there is an urgent need to earn money to make ends meet. It’s not bad to have such a job. Sometimes the living could be more terrifying than the dead.

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