Though China’s 20th Party Congress wrapped up, China still pursues its zero COVID policy to curb outbreak transmissions using its draconian measures. 

Shanghai, the country’s financial hub, is controlled in several places. Yangpu District implemented closed management, or lockdown.

On October 24, the official WeChat account of “Shanghai Yangpu” issued a notice to its residents. Accordingly, all residents in the district must carry out COVID nucleic acid tests from October 25 to October 27.

During that period, public places and shops would be temporarily closed.

After mass COVID testing, residents would receive a COVID certificate valid within 24 hours. 

In many videos circulated on the Internet, iron sheets were set up in several communities in Shanghai.

People were reportedly transferred to quarantine sites in the middle of night. 

According to Bloomberg, tens of thousands of migrant workers in Shanghai are worried about the possible eviction from the so-called one of China’s wealthiest cities. 

This is because their villages were accused of the spreading cause that resulted in a months-long lockdown.

These people will have to live far from the city center or even return to their home villages if this is implemented. The measure then prompted the reaction and unrest of the population.

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