Wang Huning, a key policy adviser to Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, is not expected to be on the Politburo Standing Committee for the next term.

According to Nikkei, Wang is considered Xi’s main foreign policy architect with his hardline stance towards the West and strained US-China relations.

However, Wang is considered a non-Xi’s faction and is credited with helping the factions in the CCP not go too far in conflicts.

Predictions that Wang would no longer be on the Politburo Standing Committee came out after it was announced on October 15 that he was appointed secretary-general of the CCP’s congress.

According to the CCP’s usual practice, those who secure this role in its congress will not have a place in the list of the top seven party officials.

A major newspaper in Taiwan, The United Daily News, also predicted on the 18th that Wang would be one of the 19th Politburo Standing Committee members to give up their positions after the 20th congress.

Before serving as an advisor to Xi, Wang was an assistant to two CCP generals, Jiang Zeming and Hu Jintao. So Wang was nicknamed “mentor to three emperors.”

Wang is credited with helping Jiang develop the Three Represents theory and helping Hu formulate the Scientific Outlook of Development theory.

Under Xi, Wang participated in building the Belt and Road Initiative and the idea of “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” which Xi often mentioned.

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