Xi Jinping is said to have won an absolute victory at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s 20th Congress. All the members of the Standing Committee of the Politburo, the Central Military Commission, and the majority of the Central Committee members belong to Xi’s faction. However, experts believe that the internal CCP will soon be divided.

According to the BBC, Neil Thomas, a China expert at Eurasia Group, said only the Xi faction is dominant in the CCP. But as Xi ages and has been in power for a long time, Xi’s henchmen will begin to compete with each other to succeed him. Therefore, Xi’s factions will divide into small groups fighting each other in the future.

Gao Wenqian, an expert on the history of the CCP, also believes that the Xi faction will soon be broken over competing interests. He expects the former mutual antagonism within the CCP will reappear.

Sound of Hope pointed to a relationship that would likely trigger a rift in Xi’s faction. Such is the relationship between Li Qiang, who will replace Li Keqiang as prime minister, and Chen Yixin, who was recently promoted to minister of security.

Li Qiang and Chen Yixin are both from Zhejiang. They were of the same age and were both Xi’s subordinates when the CCP’s supreme leader worked in Zhejiang.

Even so, these two do not have a good relationship. In the past, they competed and collided with each other when they worked in Zhejiang.

It is reported that Chen was very dissatisfied with Li, who once had opinions about his transfer and often had a higher leadership position.

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