Inside the CCP regime, the word “succession” has long been a highly sensitive topic. However, Chen Xi, the leader of the CCP Central Committee and a Xi Jinping hard-core confidant, has recently given major hints on the topic.

Chen Xi published an article in the state-run newspaper “People’s Daily” on Dec. 1, emphasizing that the most crucial criterion for successors is trustworthiness.

A “successor” proposal that Chen Xi mentioned means the necessity of replacing Jiang Zemin’s faction with Xi’s people, who must be unwavering supporters of Xi Jinping’s rule.

Yuan Hongbing, a legislator, told Kan China that Xi resolves to win the congress’s high trust while thoroughly eliminating all Jiang Zemin’s previous directions and left-over traces.

According to Yuan Hongbing, Xi Jinping believes that one of his failures is the remaining numerous Jiang Zemin groups. As a result, he asked Chen Xi to develop a “successor criterion” to sort out who would be loyal to his leadership. As a result, Chen Xi is expected to represent Xi Jinping’s ideals at the upcoming congress.

Xi Jinping must prevent Jiang from creating an anti-Xi coalition behind his back. He is warning his opponents through cracking down on high-tech, entertainment, and even gambling, ransacking pocket money from Prince Qing’s niece, Zeng Baobao. 

On the other side, The Zeng Qinghong’s faction has no intention of backing down and promised a fight to the death.

According to Yuan Hongbing, the 19th Central Committee’s Sixth Plenary Meeting is “truly the beginning of the power battle inside the CCP before the 20th National Congress.”

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