According to Apollo, heavy rain suddenly hit Kupa city, Xinjiang, on July 19, causing landslides in the Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains. Tourists rushed in panic to the heights of the canyon to escape.

The Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon is located in Kupa country, Xinjiang, at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains. It consists of a vast group of reddish-brown mountains. Recent snowmelt and rain on the mountains cause the water in the canyon to flow down and erupt into flash floods. This is a normal phenomenon in the local canyon.

It can be seen from the video, tourists just leave the bottom of the valley, and within a few seconds, floods mixed with a large amount of red mud roll and sweep in, submerging cars parked at the bottom of the valley in a short time. 

Some tourists who have just fled see the flash flood almost rushing past under their feet and scream out in horror.

Fortunately, the staff in the area have corresponding experience in dealing with floods. They have guided tourists to evacuate to high places in advance. Consequently, there are no reported casualties.

Local traffic police announced on July 20 that some sections of the Dokku Highway are currently impassable due to landslides. The road is flooded by water entrained with mud, and driving vehicles are also trapped in mud. The police have been under rescue operation overnight.

According to the local meteorological observatory forecast, there will be short periods of extreme weather such as heavy rainfall, strong wind, thunderstorms, or hail in northern Xinjiang, Tianshan region in the last three days. Residents are advised to take precautions against those unexpected weather events.

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