Xinjiang continues to tighten pandemic measures, restricting a large number of patients from going to the hospital.

A video posted on October 20 shows a woman kneeling outside Urumqi Pediatric Hospital, repeatedly begging for her grandchild to be accepted at the hospital, but security staff just watched coldly.

TS News reported that the North Gate of Urumqi Pediatric Hospital is a yellow code hospital (people entering and leaving the hospital will be attached a yellow health code), specializing in medical examination and treatment for children in medium and high-risk areas and children with fevers.

On the Weibo account “Urumqi Chaohua,” there were also a large number of patients’ relatives calling for help. They stated that their loved ones were in critical condition but could not get medical attention. (Photo 1, Photo 2)

A few days ago, there was also a video showing officials saying that the Youai Maternal and Children Health Protection Hospital in Urumqi, which accepts mothers in medium and high risk areas, refused to accept women in labor.

In addition, there is a video on YouTube showing a woman giving birth at the curb outside the hospital. A family member of the pregnant woman berated pandemic staff for not allowing her to be hospitalized. A man pointed to the cars parked behind and said that there are currently 4 pregnant women in various stages of labor—for 3 their water had broke and the fourth was having contractions.

According to NTDTV, a patient’s family said that his father was admitted to a yellow code hospital, but due to a negative diagnosis, he was transferred to a red code hospital for further treatment. Although he was swollen due to a urinary tract infection, he had to wait for approval from each department and wait for a special car to be transported to the red code hospital before going on dialysis.
On TikTok news spreading that Urumqi and many other cities in Xinjiang have been locked down for nearly 3 months. Desperation is setting in.

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