Recently, Kazakh herdsmen in Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture (also known as Yili), Xinjiang, accused China’s zero-COVID of leaving their livestock starving to death. 

In the video, tens of thousands of camels, horses, and sheep, among other livestock, were forcibly isolated in grassless lands. 

These poor animals kept whining. Meanwhile, some were even frozen in the snow.

Serikzhan Bilash, the founder of an overseas Kazakh human rights organization, posted about it on Twitter on October 30. He said that Xinjiang has been under lockdown for 90 days. Additionally, Manas County officials made it clear that grazing is prohibited during the outbreak.

Radio Free Asia then contacted Tacheng Pandemic Prevention Center to confirm the information about the rule against grazing. But the authorities answered that they didn’t know about the livestock quarantine.

Many tragedies in Yili have been reported in the past few months. 

In addition to isolating animals in a single location to prevent COVID, another video shows that many sheep in one area of Xinjiang had been wearing special masks.

The video’s subtitles include the phrase “New Year’s Eve,” suggesting that it may not have been recently shot.

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