Xinjiang has been under lockdown for nearly 100 days. This dead land has demonstrated the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) harshest and most inhumane practices.

Netizen ‘xiaoxing’ posted on Twitter on October 10. The footage described: “A citizen of Korla, Xinjiang died after being sent to the hospital from the square cabin (quarantine place). Official notification: an investigation team has been established.”

On November 11, netizen footage on Facebook showed that Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, looked like a dead city—after months of closure.

On the same day, more footage from the citizen said, “The wind howling snow in Xinjiang, and the concentrated isolation camps are flimsy tents. Lack of doctors, little medicine, hunger and cold. Everyone is crying, only the CCP is smiling.”

On November 10, citizen “O” @lammichaeltw on Twitter revealed that in Urumqi, several neighborhoods suddenly lost power, and it was dark. The netizen posted, “Urumqi’s sudden power outage and heat outage is a rhythm that will freeze people to death.”

More footage on Twitter from ‘yu’ (Tokyo Star, Japan) shows, “in the early hours of November 10, in Xinjiang, people are still waiting in line for the nucleic acid results out of the border! The frozen death in the square cabin.”

On November 9, Xinjiang experienced heavy snowfall and a drop in temperature, making the situation even more difficult for those under lockdown in tents.
On November 9, a local woman @duanyu2000 revealed the situation to the outside world through a Twitter video. She said, “Xinjiang has been closed for 90 days. Should the people be allowed to die or forced to rebel? The CCP exterminates human nature.”

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