There are more negative comments about the quality of the new smartphone series from Xiaomi. Recently, these discussions have become explosive on the internet.

According to Sina Finance, #quality issues of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series#, or #Millet 11 Series Repeated quality problems#, have attracted 170 million reads and 24,000 discussions. Many Xiaomi fans (Mi fans) have expressed that they will never buy Xiaomi again.

Besides, up to 87,050 related Xiaomi complaints were found on the Black Cat complaint portal.

In addition, according to the data of Sina Public Opinion, in the current keyword cloud of the entire network, words such as “quality problems” and “protection of rights” related to Xiaomi receive special attention.

According to a report from a public account on WeChat, “Ran Dimension” shared the story of a fan leaving Xiaomi after six years of loyalty.

Da Lin, once a product manager in Beijing, was “Mi Fan” for six years. He was using Xiaomi for the first time when he was in college. Later, he changed to the Redmi K30 model but found this phone was not smooth to use; the body quickly heated up, froze, and restarted for unknown reasons.

Dalin said that he initially thought the quality problem was because he bought a “non-premium model,” so he bought another high-end Xiaomi Mi 12X this year. As a result, after less than three months using, the phone also frequently shuts down and restarts. In addition, when opening an application, it also freezes.

On the contrary, he found that compared to Xiaomi, the iPhone is significantly better in terms of system stability and fluency. Moreover, even the iPhone bought three years ago is unlikely to have such a situation as Xiaomi. So finally, Dalon decided to stop entirely and switch to Apple phones.

Another user, Lulu, said she followed every new product launched by Xiaomi from high school to college. However, after she spent nearly $843 on the Xiaomi 11 Ultra in March of this year, within two months of using it, the phone frequently froze when switching between landscape and portrait screens. After that, the super-fast charger suddenly failed. After the repair, the phone still has many problems. 

Lulu said, “Once, when I just opened WeChat, the WiFi collapsed; when I went out, I recorded a video for less than 5 minutes, the phone said it was overheated … In addition, It often shuts down for no reason and couldn’t scan the health code.”

Friendly price is one of the main reasons that many Chinese users become Mi fans. However, the policy towards the high-end segment for new products has recently led to high prices. At the same time, quality is a controversial issue. It’s the reason behind the experts’ analysis in the report about Mi fans leaving one after another.

According to public information, Xiaomi launched a brand strategy in January 2019, “the Redmi brand focuses on cost-effectiveness, and the Xiaomi brand accelerates into the high-end market.”

Previously, the selling price of the Xiaomi Mi 10 2020 series and the Xiaomi Mi 11 2021 series quickly increased from about $422 (3,000 yuan) to $843.

However, the product quality of Xiaomi phones has not improved along with the price increase. Meanwhile, sales and user reviews are increasingly dismal, and the number of complaints continues to grow.

To save itself, Xiaomi has significantly reduced the selling price this year to free up inventory.

This year, the launch price of the Xiaomi Mi 12 flagship series starts at $520 at the time of product launch. However, its price has been broken, even once falling to about $281. The unusual rise and fall in prices of high-end Xiaomi products make Mi fans who have spent a lot on its products feel indignant.

Analysts point out that Xiaomi has shortcomings in its core technology and supply chain. Therefore, the smart and high-end connectivity Xiaomi is promoting vigorously today is not a “cure” for the future of Xiaomi mobile phones.

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