The authoritarianism and perversity of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are in the news again. After forcibly locking up the 13 million Chinese in Xi’an for barely 143 positive cases to the point of starving them because they could not even go out to buy food. Now the authorities are deleting publications on social networks describing the harsh situation people are suffering.

Despite not reporting any deaths and with only 1600 cases to date of coronavirus in the city, the authorities forced all the people to stay in their homes, without even being able to go out to buy food, and instead of using state resources to feed the people, they used them to put policemen to watch that people do not go out, generating anger in the population.

People started to use social networks to accuse the authorities of having prepared for the extreme measure, and that while people had nothing to eat, the CCP seemed to be enjoying the best food.

Initially people’s anger on social media turned into pleas and the news flew to other parts of the country, where people echoed the suffering of Xi’an residents.

People’s anger reached its limit when news of two unnecessary deaths were posted on social media:

A baby who died in a miscarriage after the mother was denied hospital care pending the results of a coronavirus test, and an elderly man who died of a heart attack as his daughter ran from one medical center to another, begging doctors to treat him.

According to Breitbart, the daughter of the man who died posted on the Chinese social network, Weibo: “I kept thinking, if I had been more uncooperative, screaming and crying to make a scene, would the hospital have admitted my dad? But there was no ‘if.’ A month after my father’s 61st birthday, I lost him forever.'”

In a text message to the 13 million residents, the city authorities warned that “from Jan. 4, people are prohibited from posting details about pandemic restrictions or information about the road situation, videos, links, mini-apps or photos of the situation, especially negative news.”

The regime runs a monitoring operation on all WeChat chat groups and any negative news about the situation in Xi’an is deleted as soon as it comes out. But, of course, people may then be prosecuted for the posts since they “were warned” not to do so.

The failures of the municipal authority would be enough for them to receive some sanction from the CCP, which is why the authorities’ response was to silence the people.

In addition, Radio Free Asia reported that, in a typical communist tactic, the local authorities paid some thugs to hand out handfuls of food to some people on the streets, asking them to smile in front of the camera.

“It’s very clear what the government is doing. Now, if people are hungry, they are not allowed to say so,” said an outraged woman. “This is not a place fit for human beings to live, where they don’t even let sick people seek medical treatment or give birth; this is how they treat people in a pandemic.”

Of course, to counter the reality, you can find dozens of videos on YouTube showing how “great” the lockdown is, with people shopping, kids playing in the streets, government officials delivering food, all from the CCP’s propaganda outlets.

It is perhaps the perversity of the CCP that wishes to flaunt, regardless of people dying in the process, its ‘heavy-handedness’ with the pandemic because the city of Beijing is set to host the Olympic Games next month.

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