The Xiamen Siming District Court notified the case involving Lulu (a pseudonym), who had been mourned 43,000 times in the past 6 years on an online sacrificial platform. The court ruled that the platform had to bear the tort liability. 

According to Sing Tao News, after the trial, the court stated that the platform had not strictly fulfilled its responsibilities, and did not require users to do accurate identity verification. Lulu’s personal rights were thus violated.

As China Press reported, the sacrificial platform also built “Xiamen Beautiful Girl Lulu Memorial Hall” for her. According to internal media reports, the pictures of “Lulu” have been used in funeral mourning halls without her permission. 

The memorial hall uploaded details of Lulu’s biography, including date of birth, hometown, and eulogy. 

Lulu said that the platform has infringed on portrait rights and reputation rights, and demands that the platform be held accountable for the violations. 

The sacrificial platform confirmed that the situation was real. However, because the memorial was established many years ago, the real name registration system had not yet been set up at the time. Therefore, its actual information could not be provided.

In fact, online sacrifices are not new. 
During the Qingming Festival this year, the Qingming Festival Sacrificing Work Office reported that there were over 2,300 online sacrifice platforms across the country, with 6.95 million online visits. This is an increase of 275.7% compared with the same period last year.

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