Before the 20th National Congress of the China Communist Party (CCP), rumors about Xi Jinping were rampant. Meanwhile, Xi Jinping’s faction recently promoted the normalization of the entire army to learn the party history and strengthened the ideological control of the soldiers.

Earlier, there were rumors overseas that Xi Jinping was bedridden with a brain tumor and staged III pancreatic cancer. In this regard, Taiwan’s National Security Director Chen Mingtong rarely refuted rumors before, saying that according to the information available, Xi Jinping’s health is not “as bad as the media said.”

Regarding Xi having pancreatic cancer, according to NTD, the oversea news is only based on a blog post deleted from the mainland. This operation method was accused of violating the strict reporting standards of Western media.

In the face of the offensive on public opinion at home and abroad, Xi Jinping is also suspected of launching a counterattack. On May 15, the CCP’s Central Office issued a warning that retired senior officials should not arbitrarily discuss the major policies of the Central Committee.

The retired senior officials are understood as those who belong to the faction of Jiang Zemin, former General Secretary of the CCP.

On May 22, the front page of the People’s Liberation Army Daily, the mouthpiece of the CCP’s military, released a requirement that soldiers need to comply with the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party. This one is suspected that Xi’s faction strengthens the authorities’ scrutiny of the military.

Analysts believe that Xi Jinping’s move is to restrain the entire army in this way to prevent changes when political rumors are flying all over the place. Second, before the 20th National Congress, there may be new many officials from the Jiang faction in the military will be purged.

It is worth noting that the General Office of the Central Military Commission director is Zhong Shaojun, a die-hard confidant of Xi Jinping. Zhong also holds many key positions in the military and is in charge of the Central Military Commission.

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