Fan Shih-Ping, a professor at National Taiwan Normal University, posted his thoughts on Facebook on May 6. He states that President Xi Jinping’s words directly confirm China’s vaccine is useless.

Xi presided over a meeting of China’s Central Committee on May 5. He emphasized that China has a large population, with the majority being elderly, with an unbalanced regional development, and insufficient medical resources.

His words are a testament to the ineffectiveness of domestic vaccines. China’s vaccines hardly prevent infections and serious illnesses. Therefore, it may result in many infections, serious illnesses, and deaths, which in turn will generate a collapse of the medical system.

Fan argued that this situation would be detrimental to the 20th Communist Party Congress at the end of this year. Moreover, it will increase the risk to Xi for re-election.

As long as China does not import foreign vaccines or develop more effective domestic ones, the country will continue its draconian measures. This approach is contrary to the worldwide practice of co-existing with the epidemic.

Fan listed out the May 5 data from China’s National Health Commission that there were 360 new confirmed cases and 4,678 cases of asymptomatic infections on the previous day. He also mentioned Shanghai, which recorded 261 new confirmed cases and 4,390 cases of asymptomatic infections on the same day.

Fan stated that the number is low, but why are the country and city still closed? He supposed that this might be due to either falsifying figures or the screening agent being so bad that the tests are unreliable.

China’s vaccines have faced trust issues from other countries and researchers.

ABC reported the West’s skepticism over China’s vaccines.

CNBC earlier quoted a saying from Joy Zhang, a professor, and sociologist at Britain’s University of Kent. She said that how China ensures the delivery of reliable vaccines is a question that needs to be addressed. She added that China is well-known as a country with non-transparency over scientific data and a troubled history with vaccine delivery.

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