Chinese leader Xi Jinping said that the regime would seek to win the battle of major core technologies and speed up its efforts to achieve technological self-sufficiency.

The Straits Times reported that, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 20th national congress of the Communist Party in Beijing on Sunday, Xi considered the importance of gaining scientific and technological breakthroughs as a strategic need for the regime.

He said, “We will accelerate the realization of a high level of technological self-sufficiency.”

Xi added, “With national strategic needs as a focus, we will gather strength to carry out original and leading scientific and technological breakthroughs and resolutely win the battle of key core technologies.”

His remarks come after a series of technological bans from the United States to prevent China from accessing its advanced semiconductor technologies.

Earlier this month, Washington unveiled strict measures on chip export controls to Beijing. The restrictions aim to cut off China’s access to chips used in artificial intelligence and supercomputing that the regime exploits to build its chip industry and enhance its military.

The rules require American and foreign tech firms to have U.S. authorization for their advanced semiconductor exports to China, particularly chips for supercomputers and artificial intelligence.

Last week the U.S. also announced the long-awaited national strategy. The strategy showed that China increasingly becomes a major competitor and poses a significant challenge that the U.S. has faced. It said China “is the only competitor with both the intent to reshape the international order and, increasingly, the economic, diplomatic, military, and technological power to do it.”The national security strategy offers measures for “outcompeting the People’s Republic of China in the technological, economic, political, military, intelligence and global governance domains.”

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