Chinese leader Xi Jinping attended a public event on the morning of September 30, further extinguishing rumors about a military coup that attempted to challenge his political power.

According to state-media CGTN, 69-year-old Xi was at the wreath-laying ceremony at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The ceremony commemorated Martyrs’ Day, which comes a day before China’s National Day on October 1. 

CGTN reports that “Xi and other leaders walked up to the foot of the monument, where the Chinese president straightened the red ribbons on the baskets before leading other senior officials in a walk around the monument to pay their tributes.”

Xi also delivered a speech, which touted the Chinese Communist Party’s achievements in the past decade. As WION reports, the talk discussed recent military advancements, pandemic measures, and poverty alleviation initiatives.

This marks the second time Xi has appeared in public view in less than a week after speculations started to go wild about his absence from a high-profile meeting on September 21. 

On September 27, Chinese media also featured Xi visiting an exhibition in China’s capital, accompanied by other top Chinese officials. The exhibitions particularly showcased China’s new era achievements over his first two terms.

The Financial Times described the gallery as “the latest salvo in a long-running propaganda campaign that has laid out the argument for Xi to rule for life if he chooses.”

Rumors had gone wild after Xi spent some short days in retreat after attending the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Uzbekistan in mid-September. Yet, the rare absence also coincided with the 10-day quarantine and surveillance period that travelers from abroad must undergo under China’s zero-COVID policy.

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