The rest of the world is paying attention to the changes in China’s political situation, especially as the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is approaching. 

Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, recently signed a directive allowing ‘non-war’ military operations, which takes effect June 15. 

The Chinese state-run media Xinhua News Agency reported on June 13 that Xi Jinping signed an order a few days ago to issue the “Outline of Military Non-War Military Actions of the Army (for Trial Implementation).”

With six chapters and 59 articles, the document has not been published by China’s state media. However, it does mention that it provides a legal basis for the non-war military operation, command structure, and type of operations.

The report in the Global Times said regarding the document’s content, “the Chinese troops can prevent spillover effects of regional instabilities from affecting China, secure vital transport routes for strategic materials like oil, or safeguard China’s overseas investments, projects, and personnel.”

The document also outlines the military’s involvement in disaster relief, aid missions, and peacekeeping activities.

Now, people still don’t know the new directive of non-war military operations’ application scope.

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