The recent arrest of a Macao liquor tycoon, Zhou Zhuohua, on Nov. 27 keeps Macau’s gambling industry on its toes.

According to, there are 6 VIP rooms in Macau’s gaming intermediary industry. In addition to Sun City’s involvement in the case, the other five are the Dejin Group of Chen Ronglian and Ji Xiaobo, Sheng Group, Guangdong Group, Meg-Star Group, and Gold Group. After Zhou Zhuohua’s arrest, the VIP rooms in Macau stayed at a low profile, even closing some VIP rooms, and asked China shareholders to withdraw their shares.

These six VIP rooms are involved in gambling-related cases. Most cases occurred in wealthy provinces such as Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong. The people involved were arrested in the second half of 2020. There are 300 charges related to Sun City, most of which cite the crime of opening a casino and illegally crossing the border. 

An Yixuan’s husband, Chen Ronglian, is suspected of conspiring with the Chinese to open a casino in China and set up illegal gambling websites in China with a total of $33.1 million.

Because the CCP strictly controls money coming in and out of the border, gamblers can’t bring much cash out of China. At this point, Juanji—the casino’s middleman, will provide the VIP gambler with chips with Hong Kong dollars. After the gambler returns to China, they will pay the middleman in yuan. It means “Junji” can use the difference between the exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar and the yuan for illegal gain.

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