General Secretary of the CCP Xi Jinping gave a speech at the conference of party leaders, calling his five years in power at the 19th CCP Congress an “extremely extraordinary” five years. He emphasized the party’s absolute leadership over the army and the army’s absolute submission to the party in the new era. He also commended the CCP Central Military Commission for “leading the entire army to further promote political construction, reform and strengthen the military, strengthen technology, enhance talent training and military governance based on law, in addition to fighting, preparing for war, and military construction.”

Attending the meeting were Vice Chairman of the 19th Central Military Commission Xu Qiliang, Zhang Youxia, He Weidong, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, and members of the CCP Central Military Commission Li Shangfu, Liu Zhenli, Miao Hua, Zhang Shengmin, Li Zuocheng, …

It is worth mentioning that He Weidong and Miao Hua both trained in the Eastern Theater Command for many years and are considered part of the “Taiwan Strait gang” (a group wanting to take over Taiwan by force). After U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August this year, the Eastern Theater Command launched exercises around Taiwan. According to sources, the drills were carried out based on the combat plan designed by He Weidong.

Xi Jinping’s appointment and favor of the “Taiwan Strait gang” has raised concerns that a war in the Taiwan Strait could happen during his tenure.

According to Sound of Hope, Li Yuanhua, a former associate professor at Capital Normal University, believes that Xi Jinping wants to assert his power and take a tough stance on Taiwan but will not attack immediately. Li said, “After the CCP’s 20th National Congress, he must definitely purge the CCP’s entire bureaucracy and keep only what protects him. Then, he will no longer be afraid of opposition when attacking Taiwan. There is no political opposition, and no one will take the Taiwan issue to call for pressure to make him get off. That’s one of his strategies.”

Some analysts point out that both the U.S. and Taiwan will hold presidential elections in 2024, the CCP could see this time as an opportunity to attack Taiwan.

An expert surnamed Lin pointed out to Sound of Hope: The CCP is unpredictable. As for when Xi Jinping will attack Taiwan, that depends on how bad the CCP’s economic situation is. Just like when Keynes predicted when Hitler would start World War II.

Lin said: “Because the problem China is facing is an economic recession, an almost collapsing economy, and the private economy is now also silent. Once the private sector is destroyed and unemployment rises, the economy will be very, very terrible. Xi Jinping will incite nationalism and take over Taiwan. Because many Chinese know that the spirit of nationalism is still very strong, it is easy to incite nationalism.”

According to the official statistics of the CCP, from January to July, the unemployment rate of 16-24-year-olds in China rose to 19.9%, higher than the average forecast in the Asia-Pacific region.

Analyst Jacob Gunter, an economic analyst at the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS), a German research organization, pointed out that Xi’s next term will face China’s “worst economy” in decades.

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