According to ET, Xi Jingping recently implemented four key measures to secure his tenure in office after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

First, place Wang Xiaohong, a confidant, as Minister of Public Security

On Jun 24, at the end of the 35th Conference of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress, Wang Xiaohong was appointed as Minister of Public Security.

Previously, in November last year, Wang was appointed Party Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security. Now, as Minister, Wang has assumed absolute power at the agency that protects the security of the CCP.

ET commented that the political and legal authorities are known as the “knife” of the CCP. These agencies include the police, prosecutors, legal and judicial. Among them, the police agency is always the most important one. Wang Xiaohong’s complete takeover of the Ministry of Public Security means that Xi is holding the “knife handle.”

Second, ‘tighten’ family members and children of officials

On June 19, Xinhua News Agency announced the CCP’s new regulation on managing spouses and children of the CCP’s leaders in charge of the economic sector.

Specifically, the regulation requires officials to report the activities of their spouses and children in the economic field truthfully. In addition, officials are prohibited from creating favorable conditions for their relatives to take advantage of business activities. Violators will be severely punished.

Facilitating relatives in business has become common for CCP officials, especially those in the Jiang Zemin faction. The former General Secretary of the CCP, Jiang Zemin, is Xi Jinping’s biggest enemy.

This new rule by Xi can be seen as a “chain” to tighten opponents or as another tool for Xi to continue his campaign to purge officials who secretly oppose him.

Third, squeeze retired officials

On May 15, Xinhua News Agency published an article titled “Opinions on strengthening Party building work for retired cadres in the new era” by the General Office of the CCP’s Central Committee.

This article sets out four requirements for retired officials: First, not to arbitrarily discuss significant policies of the Party Central Committee. Second, do not make negative political statements. Third, do not participate in activities of criminal social organizations. And fourth, do not use influence to seek benefits for yourself and others.

Many retired senior officials of CCP stand on the Jiang side. They are said to have been quietly opposing Xi throughout the years.

ET commentated that the four requirements mentioned above mean that retired officials are not allowed to confront Xi Jinping before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Among them, the fourth request was a threat.

Fourth, tighten control of the ‘money bag’

According to the Xinhua News Agency, Xi Jinping chaired the 26th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms on June 22. He approved a plan to standardize and improve the regulatory rules for payment and financial technology platforms.

This move is said to control financial platforms such as Alipay, the company owned by Jack Ma, who is believed to be a Jiang supporter.

According to Sound of Hope, an analyst said Xi Jinping wants the economy to reach its annual growth target, but Premier Li Keqiang does not fully own China’s “money bag.” 

The analyst added that China’s wealthiest sector is the financial industry. The CCP elites are all involved in the financial sector. The one who controls China’s “money bag” is Jiang Zhicheng, Jiang Zemin’s grandson.

In a related development, Xiao Jianhua, the founder of Tomorrow Group, is about to stand trial on criminal charges.

Xiao is said to be on Jiang’s side and implicated in the stock market crash following a “financial coup” in June 2015, which targeted Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign.

In February 2017, a source in Zhongnanhai revealed to ET that the Xiao Jianhua case was “the number one case in Zhongnanhai.”

Sound of Hope claims that some sources said that Xiao Jianhua provided the Xi faction with a “contact map” of powerful “financial predators” within the CCP that belong to the Jiang faction.

Sound of Hope remarked that—if this is true—it may mean that the “money bag” battle between Xi Jinping and the Jiang faction is about to enter a critical moment, a “decisive battle.”

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