The first Chinese-made C919 large passenger plane is expected to be delivered to China Eastern Airlines in December.

According to CNA, the C919 is considered an important milestone in realizing China’s regime’s dream of civil aviation aircraft localization. 

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attaches great importance to the C919 development project.

The CCP’s General Secretary Xi Jinping met the C919 research and development team at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on September 30. Xi praised the C919 development participants as “the pillars and heroes of the people.”

Although CCP’s propaganda system claims that the C919 is made in China, there is a truth that this plane has to rely on components imported from the West. 

Specifically, C919 is developed with components imported from technology corporations such as GE from the US, Safran from France, and Honeywell International from the US.

These are all particularly important components in the plane, such as aircraft engines, flight control systems, fuel systems, and landing gear.

According to Richard A. Bitzinger, an expert in security and defense who once served in the U.S. government, in terms of the total value of the C919 components, only about 25% are made in China, mainly the components that make up the fuselage and wings of the aircraft.

Bitzinger added that the cost of the C919 development program has skyrocketed with China reportedly spending more than $20 billion on the aircraft.

China originally planned to sell each C919 for $50 million. But high production costs have forced China to increase the selling price to $90 to $100 million for each C919.

The new price is equivalent to Boeing B737 and Airbus A320, so the price advantage of C919 is no longer available.

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