According to Vision Times, journalist Akio Yaita on October 12 said the anti-Xi Jinping faction in the CCP wants to overthrow Xi at this 20th congress. But they don’t control the military and don’t dare to act.

However, they are waiting for the right time to take action because they believe Xi is holding three dangerous time bombs.

Yaita said that the first bomb is the war between Ukraine and Russia, the second is the “zero-COVID” anti-epidemic policy, and the third is the Taiwan issue.

Regarding the first bomb, if Ukraine continues to counterattack, it may eventually win. Then Russia, possibly with a new government, will be pro-American, and China, under Xi, would face a massive threat from the North.

Regarding the second one, if the CCP under Xi cannot control the pandemic with the “zero-COVID” policy, an outbreak of the disease will lead to an economic and social crisis.

Regarding the third bomb, once the U.S. passes the “Taiwan Policy Act of 2022,” Washington will almost treat Taiwan as a country. And Western countries will follow in the U.S.’s footsteps and treat Taiwan similarly. The CCP’s one-China policy would, therefore, naturally be negated.

Finally, Akio Yaita assesses that the three bombs the Xi faction is holding will all likely explode within the next year or two.

If any were to explode, it would be a heavy blow to the CCP. So for the anti-Xi faction, now is not a good time to attack. When the bomb goes off, they will have a chance to seize power.

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