Wuxi city in Jiangsu province has been closed due to the epidemic; pregnant women and newborns in a hospital were taken to isolation. Netizens lamented: “It’s so tragic, both mothers and newborn babies are so pitiful, hope they are safe.”

On July 3, Weibo netizens raised concerns after watching an online video. The cameraman said that it seems a pregnant woman at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Wuxi People’s Hospital tested positive for Covid. For this reason, all medical staff of this department and all other mothers and babies were urgently taken to another place.

As reported by NetEase, an internet user raised a question: “Why can’t they self-isolate on the spot?”

The photo shows pregnant women wearing blue protective clothing, holding their newborn babies, standing in line by the roadside, and waiting for a bus to be transferred to a quarantine site. Next to them are items of luggage and other belongings.

In addition, a WeChat screenshot shows pregnant women with a yellow code being assigned to No. 5 Wuxi City’s hospital for obstetric examination or childbirth. 

Pregnant women from medium or high-risk areas without a yellow code must go to designated hospitals in some districts for antenatal examination with a 48-hour PCR test result. 

Pregnant women from medium and high-risk areas must make an appointment in advance if they want to have an obstetric examination. If there is no emergency, it is recommended to avoid the obstetrician examination to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

According to Caixin, since June 26, 13 cities in the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui in the Yangtze River Delta have experienced COVID outbreaks again, and the cumulative number of infections has exceeded 1.000, all resulting from Si County, Anhui. 

Among them, the large-scale outbreak in Wuxi city is the most serious. On July 4, 172 positive cases were detected.

Caixin wrote: “Despite the experience in Shanghai, some of the ‘tough’ prevention and control measures in Wuxi still aroused lively discussions in the general public.” According to the outlet, the pregnant women and babies at Wuxi Hospital were transferred to Xinrui Hospital after a positive case was found in the obstetrics department on July 3.

Many netizens worried about the Wuxi government transferring pregnant women and newborn babies or women about to give birth to quarantine sites. 

Apollo News compiled a few comments: “Oh my god, these women just gave birth. Just thinking, after giving birth, they could not stand by themselves”; “It is tragic. Both mother and child who just gave birth and were not discharged from the hospital are the most pitiful, hope they are all right.”

“Is the hospital safe and hygienic? What are the medical conditions? Mothers and newborn babies are still very weak, nauseated mothers still have to queue… it’s heartbreaking… “; “Aren’t they afraid of virus transmission during the transfer of mothers and babies? Wouldn’t it be better to isolate on the spot, it saves time and effort, which are convenient for treatment?”

Some netizens mocked the authorities’ extreme epidemic prevention measures: “The epidemic is not over, so it is not safe to give birth. It really stops one’s hope of being born.”

The local government applied large-scale lockdown and control measures as the number of Covid cases in Wuxi has continued to increase. On July 1, Wuxi city issued a notice that all residents “do not leave their homes unless necessary,” and residents in risk areas “do not step foot out of the house.” Wuxi Bus Station announced its suspension on July 2.

Currently, Wuxi has designated 3 high-risk areas and 5 medium-risk areas. Residents said that although the local government did not announce the city’s lockdown, it has been closed. No one is allowed to go outside without a certificate of the residential area or unit, but now, no residential area or unit dares to issue such a certificate.

Netizens mocked the Wuxi government for the announcement “do not leave the house unless it is necessary,” which means “It’s as anyone who wants to go out can leave, if other cities dare to let you in.”

video shows that under the hot summer weather in the urban area, thousands of residents, all wearing white protective clothing, stand on the street waiting to be quarantined.

Another video shows the city of Wuxi speeding up the construction of field hospitals.

Apollo News quoted Huang, from Wuxi, saying that residents complained about the extreme epidemic prevention measures in the area. Some residential areas have been locked down within a 3km radius around. The residential area where Huang lives has daily nucleic acid testing, causing everyone to panic.

The Chinese government’s “wipe out and lockdown” epidemic prevention and control measures have seriously affected people’s lives…”

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