Public anger grew after an apartment fire that killed at least 10 in Urumqi late last month, fueling speculation that the COVID lockdown delayed rescue efforts. Since then, unprecedented protests have emerged across China in response to COVID restrictions. After that, many major cities in the country announced the easing of lockdown measures. 

However, it is reported that Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, still insists on its “zero-COVID” policy. As a result, a group protest occurred in the residential area in Wuxi City, demanding the lockdown be lifted. One person even drove a car to smash through the fence that locked down the area.

In the video, many residents gathered near the gate of the residential area. The residents shouted, “We need to unblock,” “We need to go to school,” “We need to survive,” “We need to earn money to support our families,” and “Lift the lockdown.”

When the car smashed through the fence, residents living in the sealed-off community cheered and gave the driver a round of applause.

Many netizens left their comments below the video, encouraging the actions of Wuxi citizens. 

According to public information, Wuxi’s COVID pandemic prevention and control announced that from November 28, eight key areas involving people with abnormal COVID results will be designated as “high-risk areas.” 

People in high-risk areas are required to stay at home.

It remains unknown if the residential area in the video belongs to the so-called “high-risk area.”

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