Wuxi: No food distribution, people received traditional medicine to fight Covid

China continues to pursue its Zero-Covid policy despite the population’s discontent and its economy’s increasing wear and tear. This has gradually increased public discontent.

On July 6, a resident in Wuxi complained on Weibo that the residential area is controlled and they are not allowed to go out to buy food. However, authorities in the area said they have no money, so they can’t distribute necessities or food to residents. After that, they only gave people in this area 3000 packs of traditional medicine and thought it could stop the epidemic.

Brigitte Lin’s 16.5 million mansion caught fire for five hours

About midnight on July 7, a fire broke out in a mansion at No. 9 Anderson Road, Fei Ngo Mountain, Hong Kong. The owner of this mansion is Brigitte Lin, a famous Taiwanese film actress. She was considered one of the leading actresses on the Hong Kong and Taiwanese screens during the 1980s.

The fire department evacuated about 20 people, most of whom were maids and drivers of the mansion and other staff. No one was injured, but the fire was fierce. The fire unit said the fire had been put under control at 5:00 a.m. Brigitte Lin was not in the mansion at the time of the incident.

The value of this mansion is 16.5 million dollars. It is Brigitte Lin’s husband’s gift for her 60th birthday and 20th wedding anniversary.

Is the use of force for urban employees a duty in China?

According to the Chinese government, urban management work consists of two parts: surveillance and punishment. The law enforcement staff must pass the examination to obtain a certificate issued by the provincial legal affairs office. 

These urban management team members who hold law enforcement certificates are considered “regular workers.” Besides, their assistants, who don’t have a law enforcement certificate, can only remind residents. If this fails, the problem is transferred to the law enforcement staff.

However, in reality, there are still employees wearing urban management uniforms who use force against people. In the footage shared on the internet, these urban staff directly beat people without any reason. They kicked an old man who was riding a bicycle and even knocked a weak girl like thugs.

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