The epidemic has recently reappeared in China, and many places have tightened restrictions. A district in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, has asked residents to return to their homes within two hours of shopping, or their ID cards will be confiscated. This news shocked the citizens.

According to NetEase, on July 6, Wuxi City issued epidemic notice number 136, stating that on July 5, four new infections and 31 asymptomatic infections were confirmed locally. The actual data has not yet been verified due to the Chinese government’s ambiguous information about the epidemic.

Since July 6, Wuxi City has tightened its closure and control measures. Many areas have been designated high-risk, with lockdowns and control measures such as “stay at home.”

ID cards will be kept after shopping for more than two hours

According to China News Weekly, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Liangxi District, Wuxi city, issued a notice on July 4 requesting that each household send one person out to buy necessities for less than two hours. Every day, they must temporarily leave their citizen ID cards at the gate when leaving the community; if they shop for more than two hours, their ID cards will be confiscated by the police.

According to the audio, on July 6, staff from the Liangxi County Health and Wellness Commission told China News Weekly that, aside from the procurement of necessities, specific measures are suggested depending on the situation. Going out is not encouraged. Later, the Changqing Road community employees stated they would implement the notice’s requests.

Screenshot of the notice containing the required information: Firstly, only city managers and industrial firms are authorized to issue negative certifications; businesses responsible for epidemic prevention and control are permitted to leave, and all employees in other units work from home. Secondly, people can go out for two hours daily to buy necessities. Travel documents, negative antigen certifications, and PCR test results are acceptable.

On the evening of July 6, an Epoch Times reporter contacted the Liangxi County Health and Wellness Commission in Wuxi City via the hotline, but the phone was always busy, and no one answered.

Later, a reporter from the outlet called the epidemic prevention and control offices on Beijie Street in Liangxi District, and a male employee answered the phone.

The reporter inquired if the residents’ ID card would be kept at the community gate when they went out, or would it be confiscated after shopping for more than 2 hours?” According to the staff member, it depends on each community.

The time-limit shopping and ID card requirements in Liangxi have prompted ongoing debate on social media.

According to some netizens, extreme epidemic control measures such as withholding identity cards are standard in Wuxi.

Epoch Times recorded opinions from Wuxi’s residents, “Generally, such cases exist in Wuxi. When I returned after shopping, there was a pile of ID cards on the ground, and I must sit down and search one by one.”

Some netizens mocked the government, writing, “A country regulated by law?” “It’s becoming increasingly lawless!” and “Don’t eat unless it’s necessary!”

Some internet users also condemned“The government is cruel. The government does whatever they want! Where are human rights?”

Residents’ hands stamped like animals in quarantine

Coincidentally, on the afternoon of July 5, an online video showed that in Yangming Street, Liangxi District, after someone finished the PCR test, the yellow code changed to blue. The person was stamped on the back of their hand to affirm their health, and the seal had to be kept on their hand for three days. The Internet was flooded with related videos and screenshots, stirring public opinion again.

According to The Paper, under public criticism, the Yangming Road Community Health Service Center, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, released a statement on the evening of July 5 apologizing for the annoying sampling process and certification of PCR results: “On July 5, a viral picture on the Internet indicating that “on a neighborhood in Wuxi, persons who concluded PCR testing must have their hands stamped when the code yellow changes to code blue, and the seal must be retained for three days,” which generated heated debates. To avoid large crowds, our center personnel hurriedly issued test certificates and collected PCR samples from households with yellow codes during verification. Now, we truly apologize to all residents; we will learn from our mistakes, discipline, and humbly accept the monitoring and criticism of all classes of people; and we will not repeat this incident. Let us band together in this special time to fight the epidemic! July 5, 2022, the Community Health Service Center, Yangming Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi City”

According to the Epoch Times, some netizens criticized the government for viewing PCR testing as an animal quarantine procedure, saying, “I assume the pork in the market is also stamped like this.”

Some netizens even questioned the authorities’ treatment of residents of the yellow code as criminals, asking, “Is this the modern version of facial tattooing?”

“It doesn’t hurt, it’s just highly insulting, that’s looking down on people!” some netizens plainly stated.

Many netizens were even more startled, wondering why those affected had not protested: “It is not uncommon for individuals to be stamped. What’s remarkable is that people allowed others to stamp on their hands.”

Another netizen argued that the authorities have a habit of denying rumors and apologizing when they are proven true, “Didn’t the official state yesterday that the rumors were false?”

Another netizen responded, “It shows the government’s utter rottenness, which can no longer be hidden.”

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