China continues to curb new infections anywhere they might flare up as part of its “Zero Covid” strategy. 

Recently, Wuxi, a manufacturing hub in the Yangtze Delta on the central coast, has imposed some restrictions across the city. For example, Wuxi city has suspended dine-in services in restaurants and required people to work from home.

City officials have also asked residents not to leave Wuxi unless necessary. As Reuters reported, the move came after the city reported 42 new asymptomatic cases on Saturday.

From the evening of June 28 to midnight on July 2, Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, recorded up to 103 Covid positive cases in just five days. As a result, three high-risk and five medium-risk areas have been designated.

According to Jiangnan Metropolis Daily, this Wuxi outbreak was initially detected in two workers from Si County in Anhui province. They were infected with COVID-19 when working at the construction site of Weifu Company.

Based on the genetic sequencing results, the chain of transmission in Wuxi was the same as in Si County.

According to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, many videos show a large number of people from Leather City North Gate Timber Market, Yunlin Street, and Xishan District, Jiangsu province, being transferred to quarantine sites. 
Using a pseudonym, Qi Yu said that the quarantined people were as many as 20,000, and they were sent to different places for quarantine. [Video 0:55- 1:24]

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