On September 3, residents of several communities in Panlong, Huangpi District, Wuhan City, the capital of China’s Hubei Province gathered at the entrance to ask the government to end the lockdown. As a result, the government dispatched many special police officers swinging batons and beating people, and many were arrested.

According to NetEase, Panlong communities have been on lockdown since August 27 due to a previous outbreak. However, local netizens said, on September 3, that community officials suddenly issued a notice saying that, after carrying out another round of PCR tests, the government then decide whether or not to end the lockdown.

Local netizens have revealed the reason why Panlong communities’ people are asking for the lockdown to end this time:

One netizen wrote: “Recently, with the new pandemic situation, many places in Wuhan have been locked down and controlled … to varying degrees. Huangpi district is a high-risk area. At first, only areas in Hankou North and other areas in Panlong were locked down and controlled. After that were Shekou Street and Hengdian Street. I don’t understand why Chenjiaji Street, where the cases were found, is not locked down, but Wuhu Street, where there were no cases, is.”

Another pointed out: “Many places in Panlong there is no epidemic, and they have been fenced for 7 days, 9 days and 10 days, or even fenced indefinitely. The government has made public calls, and the mayor’s hotline has given people reasonable answers about this situation, but lifting the lockdown is still unknown.”

Panlong communities’ residents quit their jobs and gathered to demand authorities immediately end the lockdown. Therefore, authorities mobilized a large number of special police to control, take photos, and arrest people.

The video posted by Twitter account @qinjie63449215 on September 4 showed that hundreds of Panlong residents spontaneously gathered and asked in unison to lift the lockdown. The authorities then dispatched a large number of police and special police officers. Layers of police surrounded the entrance of the community.

Twitter user @YangWeili123 posted a video and said, “On September 3, from morning to evening, the people of Panlong communities, Wuhan city, demanded to lift the lockdown and clashed with police. It is said that over 20 police cars were dispatched, and the police had beat people with batons.”

The video posted by @TragedyInChina also showed residents confronting police, shouting for the lockdown to end.

During discussions, local netizens said many people were arrested.

Local netizens reported the actual situation on Weibo, but their posts were quickly deleted. Here are few posts left in the online cache, as Sound Of Hope quoted:

“After watching tonight’s live video from the locked down Panlong communities in Wuhan, I was shocked. Are you guys safe?”

“Netizens responded that the community with no cases and no close contact is also locked down and controlled, is that true? Why didn’t they have a partition for management control according to the epidemic risk level?

“Speechless, just secretly angry, no matter what, ordinary people can’t even be guaranteed the basic right to life.”

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