An investigative report exposing the infamous Wuhan lab in China experimenting with monkeypox strains to create a ‘contagious pathogen’ has been widely circulating.

Monkeypox is spreading globally, reaching the US, Europe, and Australia, causing concerns.

Biden said last week that the outbreak could be “consequential.” He later downplayed his statement, compared it to less than Covid-19, and warned everyone to be careful.

Wuhan Institute of Virology is a lab in Wuhan city. It has been questioned repeatedly about whether it was where the Covid-19 was made and later leaked out to the world.

First discovered by The National Pulse, Virologica Sinica – a Wuhan Institute of Virology quarterly scientific journal – published a study in February. The study shows the results of research done by the Wuhan lab in August 2021. The National Pulse noted that the time of publishing was just a few months ahead of the latest monkeypox outbreak.

In the paper, the researchers appear to have identified a portion of the monkeypox virus genome that could be identified through PCR testing. The monkeypox virus, called “MPXV,” is [quote] “more pathogenic and [have] been reported to infect humans in various parts of the world.”

The paper acknowledged that the process of isolating a genomic fragment of the monkeypox virus called TAR could “also raises potential security concerns, especially when the assembled product contains a full set of genetic material that can be recovered into a contagious pathogen.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), monkeypox symptoms include a fever, rash, headache, and smallpox-like herpes on the body and genitals. Children, pregnant women, or immunocompromised people can become seriously ill. Most infected people recover within a few weeks, but some could be affected for longer.

The mortality rate can range from 1% with West African strain up to 10% with Congo strain.

This infectious disease is endemic in parts of West and Central Africa.

What is unusual with the current monkeypox outbreak are the many cases reported in 12 non-endemic countries. The affected countries include North America, Europe, and Oceania, including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Spain, and Australia.

After Massachusetts reported its first case last Wednesday, May 18, four other states, including New York, Washington, Utah, and Florida, have recorded presumptive positive cases, awaiting confirmation from the CDC.

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