Wuhan, where the world’s first case of COVID was discovered in 2019, was put on lockdown on October 27. According to The Guardian, more than 800,000 people were affected, and other Chinese cities are also announcing similar measures.

Chinese cities from Wuhan in central China to Xining in the northwest are stepping up COVID-19 lockdown measures, isolating buildings, and shutting down districts.

These actions put millions of people on edge in a struggle to stop the growing outbreaks following Xi’s success at the 20th Chinese Communist Party Congress on October 16.

On Thursday, October 27, China announced for the third day in a row that more than 1,000 new positive COVID cases had been detected across the country.

This is a modest total compared to the tens of thousands a day that brought Shanghai to a total lockdown earlier this year, but enough to initiate further controls and restrictions across the country.

Wuhan saw 20 to 25 new infections a day this week. Local authorities told more than 800,000 residents in one district to stay home until October 30.

Wuhan stopped selling pork after authorities said a case of COVID was linked to the region’s pork supply chain.

In Guangzhou, new areas were listed as high risk on Thursday, October 27. More streets and neighborhoods were put on lockdown and residents were isolated as the COVID outbreak entered its fourth week.

In Xining, the capital of Qinghai province, social media reported food shortages and rising prices for essential goods. Health authorities in this city of 2.5 million are trying to curb the return of COVID cases after the week-long National Day vacation in early October.

A Xining government official said Wednesday, “Some vegetable and fruit stores have been closed and quarantined to reduce the risk of transmission.” 

China’s coronavirus-reported cases have remained low by global standards, but the highly stringent zero-COVID policies have strained the world’s second-largest economy.

Other big cities across China, including Datong and Xi’an, have implemented new restrictions this week to control local outbreaks.

Some netizens said: “The city has been closed for half a month, and food supplies are tight!”

In Beijing, the Universal Resort theme park closed on Wednesday after at least one guest tested positive for coronavirus.

China has repeatedly stuck to its zero-tolerance response to COVID-19 and implemented what the regime says are necessary measures to suppress the virus.

According to china5000.us, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was a success. Xi’s ascension implies that his pandemic-clearing policy may not change much in the short term.

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