It’s been two years since Wuhan city was sealed off to control. The history repeats a district of almost a million residents in Wuhan is closed after detecting 4 COVID cases. 

Jiangxia officials issued the order on Tuesday after detecting two cases during regular testing and found the other two after screening those who had close contact with the infected.

The locations of the infected cases have been classified as medium-risk. People who live in these areas are not permitted to leave their homes.

The Jiangxia district of Wuhan, home to more than 970,000 residents, declared Wednesday that its main urban areas are going through “temporary control measures” for three days.

According to a government statement, gathering places were forced to shut down. Including religious facilities, entertainment venues, small clinics, markets, and dine-in restaurants. Tutoring centers and tourist attractions also stopped working.

Public transportation, buses, and the subway were also closed. People are told not to leave the district unless necessary.

Even though the restrictions only apply to a district. It will likely spread to nearby regions. 

Life in the pandemic-scarred city nearly returned to normal after its shutdown in 2020. Chinese authorities might base on the actions they did in Wuhan to deal with flare-ups in other regions.

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