Recently, many videos posted on Chinese social media show that a large number of Foxconn workers reportedly fled the Apple factory in Zhengzhou on October 29. With big and small luggage, these workers returned home on foot. They walked down motorways and through fields for days on their journey to escape the facility. 

According to The Independent News, the move came after many workers were put under quarantine earlier this month due to the COVID outbreak.

One video uploaded on Chinese social media showed that Foxconn workers in Zhengzhou reportedly broke through the lockdown and fled in all directions.

Other videos recorded workers at the Foxconn plant allegedly climbing over fences and carrying their belongings down a motorway.

People living nearby the Foxconn factory brought food and drinks for these workers. One volunteer named Zhang (pseudonym) stated that the people in the video he posted on the Douyin platform were Foxconn workers. They would need to take that road when departing the factory.

In other videos, some people also waited along the road to distribute water, bread, and food to these workers.

At the Zhengzhou site, Foxconn, an Apple supplier with its headquarters in Taiwan, has 200,000 people. Both infected employees and the number of departed employees were not confirmed

On Sunday, though, it declared that it would not prevent them from leaving.

Foxconn staff fleeing back to their hometown are likely to be isolated as authorities in cities in central China fear that these people can spread COVID.

In some parts of the country, like Yuzhou, Changge, and Qinyang, local authorities required Foxconn workers to inform local authorities before going home.

Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, registered 167 local COVID cases in the seven days to October 29.

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