In recent days, workers from Foxconn, one of Apple’s largest suppliers in Zhengzhou, Henan, have reportedly fled the locked-down factory on foot. 

Recent videos show that a large group of Foxconn workers walked along the highway and faced COVID prevention and control staff (Dabai). Nothing could stop them, these workers then broke through the barrier made by Dabai and continued to head home.

On November 1 and November 2, several videos captured the scenes of Foxconn workers on their way back home.

In the videos, a large group of workers confronted many barriers set by Dabai and the public security. They set up the man-made barriers seemingly to block the wave of workers, but their efforts ended up in vain. These workers stepped around them and kept walking.

Many netizens then wondered if the Dabai forces intentionally did so or if it was because of fear of the crowd.

According to DW News, Li from China Labor Watch stated that Foxconn eased some of the strict measures after the news sparked public’s outrage.

The factory then added that it wouldn’t prevent workers from leaving the factory.

Foxconn executives stated the factory would give a daily bonus for workers who meet the COVID pandemic related criteria.

Yet, many recent videos allegedly reveal the tragedies occurring in the Foxconn facility.

The central Chinese city of Zhengzhou with the population of more than 12 million imposed a citywide COVID lockdown following the dozens of Covid cases becoming confirmed.

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