Clothes laced with carcinogens 20 times higher than standard

According to China Central Television Station (CCTV), on October 10, the State Administration for Market Regulation conducted random inspections and discovered a piece of women’s clothing exceeded the standard of a carcinogenic aromatic amine dye called “Benzidine.”

Shenzhen Anruoyi E-commerce Co., Ltd produces this piece of fashionable women’s clothing. Unfortunately, this product was discovered to contain carcinogenic aromatic amine dye as high as 540 mg per kilogram, which is 27 times higher than the standard.

According to experts, harmful components of synthetic dyes from carcinogenic aromatic amines are absorbed by the skin in long-term contact with the body. As a result, it activates and changes the human body’s DNA structure and encourages malignant tumor formation.

Zhejiang: Fake deliveryman grabs children on the street

According to the Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau report, at about 6 p.m. on October 11, people noticed a man disguised as a delivery man attempting to kidnap children on the street. After being discovered, the man fled the scene. The Yinzhou Branch then arrested the man at about 8 p.m. The case is under further investigation.

People said the criminal had snatched a baby girl, and her mother called the police. The criminal then tried to grab a set of twins but only caught one boy. The twins’ mother saved her other child. The criminal drove off and couldn’t kidnap any more children. Fortunately, a man weighed in to help the mother. He chased the getaway car and rescued the child. Luckily the police then caught the kidnapper.

Parents remind everyone to pay attention to their children, as many such criminals are on the street. They often pretend to be delivery people who come to talk, snatch the children, and run away very quickly. 

North Korea restricting young and childless women from working in China 

On October 11, Daily NK cited a source saying that the North Korean authorities plan to limit the number of young, childless women going to China to work to improve North Korea’s low birth rate. 

Many female workers in China have been unable to return to North Korea for so long because of the COVID pandemic. The nation fears it will affect the low birth rate, which is becoming increasingly severe.

Numerous North Korean employees at Chinese textile manufacturers and sewing shops are women in their 20s. However, the source also mentioned that these young women frequently departed North Korea in their early 20s and could not return.

Many North Korean laborers in China are said to have mental disorders which involve serious “self-harm.” The North Korean regime attributes the phenomena to the workers’ “youthfulness.”

The source added, “That’s another reason why they’re going to choose workers in their 30s or older.”

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