After local gang members beat a woman and her friends at a restaurant in Tangshan, causing China’s public outcry, many people came out and shared their experiences of harassment by thugs.

The incident has sparked a surge of reports about criminal organizations and authorities allegedly ignoring them. In addition, numerous victims and their families have complained that underworld gangs harassed them.

On Tuesday, Da Ji Yuan quoted a reporter from Lu Media who found at the Tangshan Public Security Bureau gate over 100 people lining up to file a claim.

They gathered at the reception room’s door to voice their concerns. Some people started lining up at 7:00 in the morning, and several had waited in line for 4 hours.

Netizens said that cases like in Tangshan are very common in China. 

A female dance student reported that her leg had to be amputated after it was fractured during a sexual assault. However, despite the case filing, it has remained quiet for eight years.

One Twitter user said no journalist had visited the hospital to speak with the victim or their families involved in the Tangshan beating. Even one official downplayed the incident, saying, “there’s no danger to life.” 

On June 12, NetEase published an article titled “Hebei province vice governor and Tangshan former secretary act as an umbrella for underworld gangs.” It said that the beating incident in Tangshan was not accidental and had a close connection to Tangshan’s political and economic structure.

The article also highlighted that the number of authorities in Tangshan had risen dramatically in recent years. Some of the city’s vice-provincial officials are under investigation, including Zhang He, the vice governor of Hebei Province, who has worked there for nearly 40 years. 

The outlet allegedly added that at least eight officials have been under investigation and dismissed for the last two years, and Tangshan’s public security and judicial system are also seriously corrupt.

State-controlled media outlet CCTV confirmed that three of the nine suspects involved in the Tangshan beating incident belonged to the Jiangsu gang Tianan Society.

According to reports, the Tianan Society is a Chinese gang with roots in Jiangsu Province. The group is known for its gang activities.

Twitter user Zhou Yutian said that the Tianan Society claimed it loves the Chinese Communist Party. 

Zhou allegedly wrote that without the support of the local public security departments, these criminals couldn’t harm the people. 

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