Zhao Lijian, one of the representatives of Chinese foreign ministry’s “wolf warriors”, was recently rumored to have bipolar disorder, and has beaten his wife in a domestic violence attack. Zhao had been silent for more than 10 days, and then recently his Twitter account went active again, posting regularly as well as retweeting articles.

This summer Chongqing has had continuous hot days of over 40 C (104 F) and experienced regular power cuts. On August 24, Zhao posted a video of many people lining up in front of the Chongqing city library, with the caption: “The line waiting for the library to open in #Chongqing. Knowledge is power,” which clearly shows pride. However, Peter Jolicoeur, a foreigner in Shanghai retweeted Zhao’s post and wrote: “Actually, this is because the air conditioners in the library are still working.”

Other Twitter users also left mocking messages. Vision Times reported some comments and we have translated a few:
“It’s too hot in Chongqing, only the library has air conditioning,”
“Yes, knowledge is power, even if the library is air-conditioned, it cannot be denied that the library provides a very quiet place to study and work,”
“Isn’t this a nucleic acid test waiting line?”;
“Brother Jian, this is the heat avoiding queue, Chongqing is too hot lately. It’s been over 40℃ every day for nearly a month”;
“It is true that knowledge is power, but these students want to find an air-conditioned place to study, not in a dorm that is as hot as an oven.”

Someone even asked: “Has Brother Jian recovered?”

However, there were also commenters agreeing:
“Library gives you the feeling of ‘wanting to learn’ as well as tranquility”; “Knowledge is power. You are all pillars of the country! Read good books!”
“Strive for knowledge like being thirsty” (a Chinese proverb).

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