Shanghai has now been closed for over a month. Food and groceries distribution is different in each area, and most people in lockdown areas have little or no supplies.

Residents of Jiwang town, Shanghai, have been locked down for 45 days without food. On May 1st, a video on Twitter indicates people from Jiwang town went on a protest. They are gathering around the police, yelling, and smashing things.

A man in the video said there was no food, and they had been on lockdown for 45 days. He also said that if the government doesn’t take care of the citizens, riots, and rebels occurring all over Shanghai can be expected.

In another video, residents in Shanghai protest in the streets and tear down anti-epidemic infrastructure after learning that the neighborhood committee hid supplies.

With the 20th Party Congress scheduled to take place later this year. Shanghai is likely to continue its’ zero covid’ policy in an attempt to prevent an outbreak.

On May 2nd, Huaren News commented on Twitter that Shanghai had been abandoned. As soon as the foreign investment ends, a wave of unemployment sets in. The locals in Shanghai might leave the place, and it only takes one month to abolish a metropolis.

The commentary includes a short video, and the content is a man telling others that they can live with unfairness and accept a humble life but can’t let others oppress them to the point of death.

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