American-born Eileen Gu won the first freeski big air event at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Tuesday, Feb 8, making her the first Chinese woman to win in a snow event. Eileen Gu later stormed the Chinese media these days. News about her has been at the top of every page since she won the gold medal; till the post-race press conference.

The U.S. media has repeatedly asked her about her nationality, as she was born in the U.S. but competed for China; as reported on Feb 8, she then answered, “I definitely feel as though I’m just as American as I am Chinese,” adding “I’m American when I’m in the U.S. and Chinese when I’m in China and I’ve been outspoken about my gratitude to both the U.S. and China for making me the person that I am.”

As reported on Feb 7, she also designed the coat and skis with dragons to show the world Chinese culture.

There are at least 200 countries and regions globally that recognize the possession of dual citizenship. Among them, there are 36 in Asia alone, and even the socialist country of Vietnam recognizes dual citizenship but not China.

However, “The People’s Republic of China does not recognize dual nationality for any Chinese national.” according to Article 3 of China’s Nationality Law. Article 8 also stipulates that “Any person who applies for naturalization as a Chinese national shall acquire Chinese nationality upon approval of his application; a person whose application for naturalization as a Chinese national has been approved shall not retain foreign nationality.”

However, she did not dare to respond directly to the nationality issue, which may mean that the dual nationality issue has not been implemented. At most, she will be given permanent residence status.

Who is Eileen Gu’s Mother?

According to Sina Weibo, Eileen Gu’s mother, Gu Yan, is a Beijing native. She studied biochemistry and molecular biology at Auburn University, molecular genetics at Rockefeller University, and an MBA at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business after graduating from Peking University.

Some netizens turned to the “China Science and Technology Information” magazine under the China Association for Science and Technology, and there was an article “From Wall Street to China – Gu Yan and Her Venture Capital Career.” This article was published in the tenth issue of 1998, which revealed more personal information about Gu Yan.

According to the article, Gu Yan worked for Lehman Brothers and once operated a $200 million loan for China, which Gu Yan said it was “a very meaningful thing.”

Gu Yan co-founded the American Technology Investments company in 1994 with Evans Frick, a leading American venture capital expert. The company once stated that the American Technology Investment company in China is a mere investment in high-tech industrial projects and strives to introduce advanced technology and management of successful foreign companies into China and contribute to the development of China’s national high-tech industry.

In addition, Gu Yan was the chairman of Beijing Oriental Weibo International Information Technology company, founded in 1997 with a total investment of $8 million.

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