The Chinese communist regime has been restricting people fleeing China by carefully checking and cutting their passports.

Recently, a female celebrity cried because officials took her passport, on the pretext that she would be “defrauded overseas.” She was going to the airport to attend a World Cup game in Qatar.

“Wei Xiao Wei,”  is an internet star with over 1 million fans. She and her friends got their passports denied when they were trying to leave China for Qatar on November 27. They’d already booked a hotel and a flight, but they couldn’t leave because officials took their passports.

Wei Wei wondered why it happened.

She posted another message on November 28, said that authorities had taken her passport due to the high number of scams occurring abroad. Officials claimed that Weiwei and her friends would be taken advantage of.

Since May, Chinese authorities have been restricting residents from going abroad. They’ve been cutting the edge of residents’ passports. 

A person from Dalian witnessed a passport being cut at the Dalian port. Twenty passports were cut. This resident advised others to quickly leave if they could because it was quite frightening. 

In fact, the phrase “passports cut” has recently circulated on social media. The Chinese regime then used the COVID pandemic as a pretext. However, the reason behind it seems to be different. 

A few months ago, a Twitter user named  “Gao Jian,”  posted a picture of a passport with a corner cut by border guards. Gao Jian was about to board a flight to Germany when his boarding pass was ripped.  In the caption, he stated that Customs does not cut passports and that leaving the country is no longer permitted. His post had nearly 1,700 retweets and over 6,200 likes.

Later, authorities responded that it was not a tourist visa and that they had the right to cut his passport. Authorities not only clip local residents’ passports but even permanent U.S. resident green cards. 

Moreover, both Chinese adults and students have been blocked from traveling in and out of China. According to French media RFA, students were also getting their passports clipped as they tried to board a plane. 

Moreover, both Chinese adults and students have been blocked from traveling in and out of China. According to French media RFA, students also got their passports clipped as they tried to board a plane. 

Reason why the communist regime wants to keep residents under control

The Chinese Communist Party has been trying to keep the residents under control. Recent events such as passport clipping, the recall of Chinese dissidents to return home, COVID lockdown policies, and domestic repression on ethnic minorities demonstrate the goal.

Besides, the Chinese Communist Party has been using  influencers like Wei Wei as propaganda tools. These celebrities can directly influence their fans. It could possibly bring challenges to regime authoritiy, making them intensify control over its residents.

For instance, fans of Zheng Shuang and Kris Wu have strongly criticized the regime’s decision to remove their online activities. They even planned to protest to release two artists from prison. 

In addition with regrad to the passport issue, Chinese watchdogs issued notices across the nation, stating that passports must be returned and that leaving the country is strictly prohibited.

According to Human Rights Watch, Chinese authorities also use repression as a social management tool. The most remarkable repressions are on Uyghurs and Falun Gong practitioners. 

The Brookings Institution posted an article on regime repression on Uyghurs. As reported, at least 1 million people have been detained in a vast network of newly constructed camps. They must go through forced re-education and political indoctrination.

In a situation where protests against lockdown policies have erupted nationwide and the economy is in recession, preserving money is one possible reason to deter residents from leaving China and keep them under control.

During the months of June and July, reports came out that both Chinese middle class and the rich fled China. They fear that the regime will divide their hard-earned savings, particularly after last year’s commonwealth policy. These people will take their money and assets with them if they leave China.

Second, according to Brookings, the regime’s insecurities motivated them to increase repression in 2017. Their purpose was to maintain the regime’s stability. 

In 2014,  Chinese leader Xi Jinping promulgated a new “Comprehensive Security Framework,” warning that events abroad could threaten domestic stability and called for increased vigilance. 

Regarding the incident between fan groups of Zheng Shuang and Kris Wu, the Kootneeti reported that the CCP repressed the fans of celebrities to show their power. 

Recently,  230,000 Chinese dissidents were “persuaded to go back to China.” The regime has expanded its police force to other countries. The goal is to control the activities of Chinese living abroad.

According to French media RFA, the National Immigration Administration held a conference to tighten entry and exit restrictions, urging Chinese nationals to leave the country only when absolutely necessary.

China’s internal-security struggles to weaken international power

According to the Atlantic Council, the protests may result in the fall of the Chinese regime. It reminds the world that regime instability is a persistent weakness of dictatorships such as China.

Matthew Kroenig, an expert at the Atlantic Council, claims dictatorships often struggle with international competition as much as they struggle with domestic security issues. 

For instance, China spends more on domestic security than on the military, while the U.S. does the opposite. According to Kroenic, these competitions have often led to the collapse of autocratic competitors throughout history.

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