The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as Wuhan coronavirus or Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, has marked a before and after in many aspects of social life around the world. Knowing who is responsible and the position adopted by the main actors will help in a better understanding the new power relations.

Undoubtedly the issue involves something more complex than a health crisis. It has generated significant controversies between powers and even led to the reorganization of the world geopolitical map in the wake of the disputes. 

It has also caused notable changes in the ways of relating, working, communicating, and even altering many historical customs of the various cultures.

The Chinese communist regime is in the spotlight, because the virus was born in and spread from China, but China’s controversial response in the first instance of the outbreak was poor communication with the rest of the world and the constant concealment of information. Consistent accusations emerged that the virus escaped from a Chinese laboratory and was not generated in a popular wet market where food and wild animals are sold, as the official story goes. 

At the same time, criticism indicates that the regime has also made a Machiavellian political use of the pandemic, used, both by them and by other governments tinged with communism, as an argument to considerably increase social control over the population.

The CCP hides the emergence of the virus: WHO is complicit

The concealment of the outbreak of the CCP virus for more than two months by the Chinese regime, and the negligent collaboration of the World Health Organization (WHO), have been the cause of accusations that even indicate the will to generate a “genocide of global scale.”

On Dec. 30, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang, a Chinese ophthalmologist working at Wuhan Central Hospital, sent a message to a group of doctors on the We Chat messaging platform. He warned of a deadly disease that could wreak havoc in Wuhan due to rapid human-to-human transmission and severe effects on the respiratory system of those infected, reported the scientific journal The Lancet.

Days later, he was summoned to the Wuhan Public Security Bureau, and forced to sign a statement accusing him of making false statements that disturbed public order.

As the days passed, the ophthalmologist was proved correct, and cases of the virus began to reproduce exponentially. However, the health authorities decided to hide the situation and not report it. 

Li Wenliang returned to work after signing the statement and contracted the virus that led to his death just over a month later, provoking outrage from his colleagues and loved ones who did their best to spread Dr. Li’s warnings.

At the same time, Taiwan alerted the WHO on Dec. 31 of the case of patients with “atypical pneumonia” in Wuhan, which was beginning to affect medical staff as well.

But the WHO did not share the information, the Daily Caller reported, citing a report published Friday, March 20, 2020, in the Financial Times.

“While the IHR’s internal website provides a platform for all countries to share information on the epidemic and their response, none of the information shared by our country’s [Centers for Disease Control] is being put up there,” Taiwan Vice President Chen Chien-jen told the Times.

“I would greatly appreciate it if you have relevant information to share with us,” said Taiwanese officials interested in protecting their citizens but were ignored by the WHO.

It should be noted that the WHO does not recognize Taiwan’s international legal existence because of the negative influence exerted by the Chinese regime, which does not recognize the island’s nearly 70-year-old declared independence.

The WHO, which denied having been notified, delayed the seriousness of the appearance of the CCP virus. Now, it is accused of collaboration with the Chinese regime, causing the disaster that now engulfs the world with hundreds of thousands of deaths and incalculable economic losses.

Complaints reported thousands of cases while the CCP was hiding them

In January 2020, the world began to talk about the existence of the Wuhan coronavirus and as the weeks went by, countries declared the first outbreaks and deaths. Mysteriously China, where the virus had first begun to spread, remained silent, and its public reports did not indicate contagions or deaths. As if the disease did not exist there.

At that time, the stories of independent journalists and users of social networks began to go viral, reporting from China in the first person that the reality did not coincide with the discourse that the CCP reflected to the world.

Such is the case of the lawyer Chen Qiushi, who shocked the whole world when he dared to publish a series of videos in January 2020. He can be seen in the city of Wuhan, where the first outbreak of the CCP virus began, telling viewers what was happening there. 

The young man arrived in the city just as authorities decided to block it entirely and, with great courage, began to report on the catastrophic situation in the city of Wuhan. Other journalists and independent citizens also started to upload videos of the same style with information that coincided with Chen’s. The images showed overloaded hospitals collapsing under the pressure.

The images showed hospitals overwhelmed with sick people, with rows of corpses—supposedly dead from the virus waiting to enter the morgues. Streets were desolate due to the prohibition to circulate and the constant harassment of the security forces that had taken control of public spaces.

Meanwhile, the communist propaganda media and official reports continued without mentioning the virus. If they did, it was only to count the dead and infected in other parts of the world.

Both Chen Qiushi and many others who decided to try to communicate what was happening in China regarding the virus were severely punished by the Chinese communist regime. The regime interpreted these as actions to be prosecuted on charges of “provoking quarrels and disturbances,” a quasi-childish crime invented by the CCP and generally used as an excuse to silence activists.

Punishments included disappearances, forced and unjustified quarantines, express trials resulting in detention in appalling conditions, and beatings by security forces.

China attempts to position itself as the savior of the pandemic

The main countries of the world showed apocalyptic panoramas with millions infected and hundreds of thousands dead from the coronavirus. But, on the other hand, the Chinese communist regime, being the most populated country globally, 1.402 billion to be precise, and the place where the virus originated, vastly underreported the deaths. Even today, the official data indicates that only 4,638 people died from COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The insignificant number of deaths declared is not credible at all. However, it seems that China has already accustomed the international community to its lack of transparency in the statistical data reported. Such a lie should be interpreted as shameful and worthy of a thorough investigation by international organizations. But it does not seem to concern any power or hegemonic media, except for some isolated officials who made some comment on the matter. 

Based on its dubious statistics, the Chinese regime pretends to impose the image of having accomplished a real feat with its supposedly successful “zero COVID” policy.

According to other reports, the bodies of those who died from the infection were not reported as such. The director of a funeral home in the Chinese city of Jining as early as March 2020 told reporters that he began receiving corpses from local hospitals that mysteriously had death certificates marked with “unidentified pneumonia” as the cause of death.

The funeral director was concerned that hospitals were not reporting deaths related to the current outbreak. “Hospitals have the ability to clearly write the cause of death, but they did not clearly label it,” he said in a dialogue with independent journalists.

Another strategy used by the Chinese communist regime to try to position itself as the great “savior” of the pandemic was the donation and sale of tons of security elements and medical instruments to face the virus to almost every country in the world, including the most developed countries in Europe.

The multiple donations of medical equipment, experts, and advice to combat COVID-19 are part of what some analysts have already dubbed China’s new “mask diplomacy.”

In just a few months, the country has gone from denying being the source and center of an unknown new disease, which seemed distant to many in the West, to extolling its victories against the new pathogen and offering help to others.

This action was used as a political tool to sneak in and deepen hedonistic and political agreements with many governments. The first to respond were its historic allies, such as Venezuela in Latin America. 

In March 2020, shortly after the IMF denied another $5 billion loan to Venezuela, the Chinese regime announced the delivery of thousands of tests to identify the virus and health elements to prevent it.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro was quick to thank and praise the CCP authorities in China.

Despite the great doubts about the statistics reported from China and the criticism that arose from all over the world regarding the poor quality of the donated products, a significant part of the world’s hegemonic media have collaborated in spreading the idea of China as the great savior of the pandemic. They have avoided reporting on the serious denunciations reported by independent media and everyday citizens. 

Wuhan Laboratory

While the world is living the third year of the pandemic, there are still many questions about the origin of SARS-CoV-2. The virus that causes COVID-19 has killed 5.5 million people according to statistics from different governments globally since it left China in the early days of 2020.

Although the Chinese communist regime and a controversial WHO report place the origin of the outbreak as the Wuhan food market, researchers have not found the “intermediate host,” the animal from which the virus jumped to humans.

As a result this strongly supports arguments that, intentionally or unintentionally, the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In this laboratory, the world’s most extensive collection of bat coronaviruses is stored and experimented with.

The lack of evidence prompted a growing number of respected specialists to press for an investigation into the possibility that the virus did not originate naturally. 

The WHO, which critics say functioned as an accomplice of the CCP throughout the process, only decided to intervene more than a year after the outbreak began and conduct a controversial and unreliable investigation into the controversial laboratory.

The report focuses on the hypothesis that the virus may have originated in the horseshoe bat species, from where it went on to infect humans.  

As expected, the conclusions published by the delegation were favorable to the Chinese regime, but criticism soon followed from various political and scientific circles. 

Even within the WHO, there was disagreement over the published results. Dominic Dwyer, a member of the delegation that went to Wuhan, assured the world that the Chinese regime refused to hand over critical data to the team.

Dwyer, a microbiologist, told Reuters, the Wall St Journal, and the New York Times that the team requested raw patient data from early cases, which he called “standard practice,” but never received the valuable information.

A WHO advisor, Jamie Metzl, pointed out serious flaws in the WHO report on the origin of the CCP virus.

“This whole study by the joint team, in my opinion, is not credible or valid because they looked at some hypotheses and not others, and then had the temerity to rank the likelihood of the different hypotheses,” Metzl told Sky News in April 2021.

Metzl emphasizes the suppression of evidence executed by the regime and its crackdown on people who tried to trace the virus’s origin. 

“In addition, from day one, China initiated a massive cover-up involving the destruction of samples, the concealment of databases and other records, and the imprisonment of journalists.”

The accusations of Metzl and so many other scientists were reinforced in late January 2022. The ABC revealed that eight SARS-CoV-2-like viruses were created in the Wuhan laboratory since 2015, and at least two of them were highly infectious to humans.

Trump denounced the responsibility of the CCP and the WHO 

Former U.S. President Donald Trump was one of the first world leaders to publicly denounce the responsibility of the Chinese regime in the global health catastrophe.

After a rapprochement with the Chinese regime they had even taken the first steps to carry out a significant trade agreement between the two powers, the virus pandemic broke out, causing great human and economic losses to the United States. In that context, Trump was true to his convictions and did not hesitate to hold the regime responsible for what was happening, even though this would mean breaking the agreement and starting a new trade war.

He has even gone so far as to monetize the consequences of the virus in the United States by demanding that in compensation for the deaths and damage caused, the regime “should pay ten trillion dollars.” 

During a public speech at the North Carolina Republican State Convention, Trump suggested that any country that owes China money should cancel its debts as a “down payment” on reparations. The U.S. should place 100% tariffs on incoming Chinese goods.

In October 2021, Trump again lashed out at the CCP, insisting that it should make $10 trillion in reparations, and also demanded that the initial WHO report on the Wuhan lab be reworked as flawed, urging a transparent investigation.

New mechanisms of social control 

For decades, the Chinese communist regime has placed its highly developed technology at the disposal of its intelligence apparatus to monitor, control, and influence the behavior of its citizens. Unfortunately many countries, especially those influenced by leftist ideas, have followed China’s example to a greater or lesser extent.

There has always been some resistance to social control by certain sectors of society. But the pandemic has managed to generate such fear in people that the exponential development in technological control systems has generally not suffered sufficient rejection and consequently has managed to impose itself. 

The totalitarian CCP regime was already experimenting before the pandemic with a new classification system for its citizens on a national scale, known as the “social credit” system.

The massive operation, which has raised much concern globally, consists collecting and controlling all data relating to the daily lives of individuals and companies in a system that then decides who is a “good citizen” and who is not, according to Visual Capitalist

Many voices questioned the ethics of this system, arguing that it can be used to violate people’s fundamental human rights. 

However, similar systems were able to take hold around the world with great ease during the pandemic even though it seemed so far away just a short time ago.

Social credit is already active throughout China and consists of each citizen being assigned 1,000 initial points in an application that monitors all the daily actions of a person: their purchases, their telephone conversations, their communications (chats, emails), who they visit, and when, and depending on them, increases or decreases those points. Now, in addition to evaluating their behavior, they must also comply with the rules against the CCP virus.

As if this were not enough, the Chinese regime proposed to track the CCP virus on a global scale using a mobile application designed to record everyone’s travels. The aim is for all governments to have records of positive cases and the movements made by their carriers to determine possible contagions. It is a perfect excuse to export its control and mass surveillance apparatus to the whole world.

As reported by SCMP, the leader of the Chinese communist regime, Xi Jinping, proposed at the G-20 summit in November 2020 that countries worldwide use a global tracking system for the CCP virus.

Tracking would be done using a global mobile application, with each individual having a personal QR code, through which any authorized person could scan it and obtain information on their movements, health status, and history of proximity to other infected people.

The virus today and the outlook for the future

While it seems that the whole world is finally putting the pandemic aside, the Chinese regime is not giving up its struggle to impose terror on the population concerning the virus.

After confirming that they can do little to prevent the transmission of the contagious Omicron variant, the regime ordered the strict confinement of millions of Chinese citizens for an alleged new outbreak of the virus, going against the global trend of easing restrictions.

As the authorities cannot guarantee the delivery of food and necessities for survival, a desperate wave of grievances, looting, and suicides has broken out in Shanghai, the city most affected by the regime’s Orwellian measures.

Shanghai is the epicenter of China’s worst (officially reported) outbreak since the early days of the pandemic in Wuhan, and authorities have redoubled their Covid Zero pillars of mass testing and closures to try to stamp out infections.

The situation has quickly turned into a logistical nightmare as the city’s 25 million residents, holed up in their homes for more than 20 days, struggle to get basic food supplies delivered, and officials try to censor the growing discontent among the population.

Shocking videos have been released over the past few days showing heart-rending cries from Shanghai’s skyscrapers in which residents can be heard screaming in desperation that their families are starving and are not receiving help. Screams are reverberating throughout the city continuously.

The situation is truly chaotic, and considering the background on the handling of the pandemic, there seems to be no justification for continuing with these measures other than to try to exercise absolute control over the population.

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