China Communist Party’s General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Hong Kong for two days, June 30 and July 1 in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the city’s handover from Britain. 

Experts said that Xi took the risk to visit the island.

Specifically, commentator on current affairs Samp told RFA that during his visit to Hong Kong, Xi could face many risks, including possible Covid-19 infection, assassination, and a possible coup on the mainland while he was in Hong Kong.

The question is, why should Xi take the risk to make a visit to Hong Kong? 

Samp said that it was because Xi wanted to show that he had supreme power in his hands before the CCP’s 20th Congress. And that he was not afraid of suspicion, not afraid to take risks to come to Hong Kong.

Samp added that Xi’s action has purposes: consolidating power and staying as camouflage. He also wants to convey the message that, with the CCP under his hands, Hong Kong has begun a journey from chaos to stability, and from stability to flourishing.

Commentator on current affairs Tang Jingyuan also believes that through his visit to Hong Kong, Xi wants to show that the island is an achievement for him.

That is to say, Xi wants people and political opponents to understand that the democracy movements in Hong Kong have been suppressed by him. This is an achievement for him to confirm with CCP’s members to continue in the third term after CCP’s 20th Congress.

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